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Blood Ain't Thicker Novel

Blood Ain't Thicker Novel

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Hydessah's life turns upside down when the ultimate bloodline betrayal gets her sentenced to 25 years in prison. This level of deception rips her once tight-knit family apart. Everyone wants to be a hustler until it's time to abide by the laws of the street. Family becomes foe, protectors turn prosecutors, and snitches avoid stitches because the person holding the gun has too much compassion to take the shot. Hydessah learns quickly that heartlessness is the evil necessary to be successful and sustained in these sleepless streets. Consequently, superficial seductions distort her vision and cause detours that lead to her destruction and destiny.

This compelling story of ratchetness and righteousness will simultaneously leave you seeking revenge and redemption. The journey of these characters leads to an unexpected destination.


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